Clarke County Mentor Program


The triple play that knocked out negativity: non-profit Triple Play Foundation on helping the community

In the span of three years, Brian Gamsey lost four of his closest friends, but he’s keeping their memories alive with the Triple Play Foundation. “In baseball a triple play is when a team makes three outs in one play, it’ something special,” said Gamsey, founder and executive director of the Triple Play Foundation.

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Following faith to Georgia: Macy Spottswood on becoming president

When Macy Spottswood was in her small town high school in Point Clear, Alabama, an old Alabama player, Siran Stacy, came to speak to Spottswood’s school about motivation one day. Spottswood enjoyed the talk and afterwards was on her way to her car when she felt the need to go back. “I really wanted to go home but I felt a tug to go back, I needed to go back, He was pulling me back,” says Spottswood.

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Grady LA Week 7

This week I’m combining my regular week post with internship post because this week has all blended together.

First off I can’t thank my mom enough. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be here and wouldn’t feel so comfortable living across the country without her support. I’m also thankful for my boss, Megan, for being the best internship coordinator. Last but not least I want to thank Andres.

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Grady LA Week 6

This week, like every week on this program, was amazing and exhausting. We all got to go on the set of The Fosters, talk to people who work on it, attempted to go to Let’s Make a Deal, attended an alumni mixer at the Four Seasons, went to Outfest for a movie premiere, and talked to the people behind making 10,000KM aka the movie which broke my heart.

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Grady LA Week 5

This week in LA our Grady group watched 10,000 KM, the horror movie The Curtain followed by a Q&A with the director, attended the UGA Alumni Mixer, saw a live taping of The Soup, and watched the documentary Next followed by a talk with the director, Elia Urquiza, and another documentary maker, Rocio Mesa. Needless to say, it’s been a jam packed week.

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